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Casinos: is it a gamble that pays off?

Just the other day I happened to read an article about addiction.

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Casinos: is it a gamble that pays off?

Just the other day I happened to read an article about addiction. Addiction can be to anything; food, work, shopping, and even games. The article stressed on addiction from betting. It got me thinking; what can I do to contribute for the well being of the society? First I need to look deeper into this topic, the pros and cons and how to resolve it.

Gambling as you all know breaks down one’s relationships and family ties. People don’t realize it is just a matter of luck. Today you may be lucky and tomorrow you may not. Many might argue that there are techniques. Whatsoever, these tips help you to gain only a few rupees to make your mind happy. People start out young; first through slot machines then move on to higher level of betting by visiting casinos and gambling online with friends as well as strangers.

The casino business has increased 10 fold in the past 40 years. It is now legal in around 40 states and many others to fall in line. The machines are made to work how the owners please. As quoted by Natasha Dow Schull, the author of the book, Addiction by Design: Machine Gambling in Las Vegas, 70% of the patrons these days use loyalty cards. These loyalty cards are tracked by the casinos for the data points, the number of games played, wins and losses. Some machines even have cameras to track the player’s expression and behaviour. This shows that the patron is only a puppet in the hands of the casinos.

Gambling takes hold of the emotional and mental regions of a person. They make be wins and some hit the jackpot but that is tactics played on the mind to keep him happy and play more. If the statistics is taken the losses will be much more than the wins. However, the mind registers all the happy moments and sidelines the losses, thus making the individual expect more from the next outcome. The casinos also install ATM machines inside so as not to allow the people leave if their cash is hand is over. This is their business and they will take any step to excel in it.

Let us go back to the title - Casinos; is it a gamble that pays off? In my opinion: yes, sometimes it does. There are times when people have won huge jackpots which have made them rich. We should keep in mind that we shouldn’tlet it get to our heads.As the old saying goes “Too much of anything is poison”, an individual should understand when and where to draw the line. Gambling or betting for the sake of enjoyment or entertainment is fine as long as you do not end up putting your finances, your relationships and your life at risk.Though majority of the time it back fires.Winning once brings confidence that luck will favour throughout. But no, the casinos too know how to handle the game and the players. They install slot machines for those not interested in the casino games. Slot machines are huge revenue generatorsand the features are optimized to have the players glued to their seats.

Las Vegas – The culprit

This little city of Nevada was the first to have gambling legalized as early as 1931. This city has much to offer for women in terms of shopping and spa, Disneyland for the kids and yes Casinos for the men. The main form of entertainment there can turn tables when people start to frequent the country for pleasures other than sightseeing, Disneyland and shopping. Your are surrounded by row and rows of slot machines as soon as you land in the McCarran International Airport, Las Vegas.

What can we do for the social well being of the people?

If you dig deeper you can find umpteen numbers of families broken, many suffering in depression and so on. We can only provide awareness about the negativity this gaming leads to. Conducting talks, spending time at rehabilitation centres are few of the things we can do. Just like any other addiction gambling can be cured if the person wishes to.