Company Profile

One of the world’s leading and respectable companies, we are the leaders on the Las Vegas Strip. With hotels and restaurant branches all over the country we take care of every need for our customers. Our main priority is providing entertainment in a responsible manner. We wish all our customers leave with a lasting memory of the fun they had.

The company operates in 15 other states and with the help of well wishers plan to enlarge further on. A part from the casinos they hotels rooms and the restaurants are to be noted. We have premium accommodation, world class gaming and entertainment, restaurants, and many other best in class amenities.We are passionate about our work and it shows in our actions. The company has won many accolades in the recent years motivating and propelling us to achieve more without compromising on the quality.

Our mission is to provide the right environment and opportunities for our guest’sthereby improving our overall performance. Our motto states that pleasing the guest is the best job. We work diligently to keep up to it.

The company’s growth lies not only in the happiness of our guests but also the hard work of our employees. We see to their every need and developmental opportunities; since they also play a major role in taking the company to its heights.We provide them with extensive training, excellent wages and incentives, childcare and medical facilities.

We believe gaming should be handled responsibly. This is communicated to the customers through instructions throughout the casinos and the staffs are reminded regularly through classroom trainings. We are glad to say that we are the founding member of the problem gaming council. Through our council we educate and inform about the signs and symptoms of problem of gaming.